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Academic Solutions Blog on “100 Best Higher Education Blogs” List

Our blog was included on the “100 Best Higher Education Blogs” by Online Degrees Hub.  We were one of six International Education/Study Abroad related websites recognized.  Also mentioned were the NAFSA blog, the International Higher Education Consulting blog, Study Abroad Blog and News, and Global Higher Ed blog. Are you blogging about issues related to […]

Study Abroad in a Transparent World

 Sarah McNitt and I presented Study Abroad in a Transparent World on Thursday, 28 May at the 2009 NAFSA conference in Los Angeles. Sarah is a study abroad advisor at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio.  She attended Albion College followed by the University of Michigan’s School of Information, where she received her master’s degree (specializing in Human-Computer Interaction).  She […]

5 Things I learned on Twitter Today

 So, maybe if I show you a few of the things I see in one day on Twitter, it will help you understand the breadth of knowledge that is shared freely everyday. @pfrigerio: “14 Most Useful Web Design Cheat Sheets…” @MarketingProfs: “Ha! Napoleon Dynamite’s Guide to Social Networking”: @bbcworld: “Nine people are feared […]

International Education on Twitter

When I first heard about Twitter a few years ago, I was skeptical.  But now I am addicted.  Working from my home office, it is my lifeline to the outside world.  It’s the ‘water cooler chat’ that my cat doesn’t provide-news, updates, gossip, etc. Not everyone is on Twitter and probably doesn’t need to be […]

International Education on Facebook and MySpace

The following list was compiled by Mandy Reinig, Education Abroad Advisor at Penn State Altoona after conducting an electronic survey on SECUSS-L back in October 2008 and from my own groups list on Facebook. I must also give credit to Isobel Child, Study Abroad Manager at the University of the Arts-London who conducted a similar […]

What is Twitter Good For?

Twitter is a micro-blogging or micro-sharing network.  Users can send a message (Tweet) to their friends who subscribe to their Twitter feed.  The tweet can only be 140 characters long, so you have to keep it short.  When you hit the send button, your tweet is sent to all of your followers. Wait, what?  The […]

Follow-Up to Social Media Sessions at NAFSA Region X and XI

Social Media 101 Powerpoint Final Outline of Presentation Thankfully the laptop didn’t crash, the Internet connection was fast and Twitter didn’t whig out, as it occassionally does.  But this presentation has a lot going on.  There is a lot of flipping between the PowerPoint presentation and the various programs (Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitter, Twhirl & […]

SOCIAL MEDIA 101: Using Social Media to Advise, Connect, Promote – Outline

What follows is the rough session outline by Mike Stone (Study Abroad 101) and myself, so that people can follow along on Twitter. Apologies for any blanks or inconsistencies.

Putting the Horse in Front of the Cart – Marketing Plans

Although I am all about social media/social networking these days, I think I should start at the beginning.  There are far too many methods of communications these days and you don’t want to spread yourself too thin across various media.  You’ll weaken your message and waste your time.  Although I’m going to explain in this […]