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“Study” Abroad? Do We Have To?

How much is too much academic work on a study abroad program? What is the true value of travel and culture while abroad? Does it outweigh the value of classroom work? This is a growing area of contention amongst our students this semester and an ongoing debate amongst the study abroad community. Faculty and staff […]

Sometimes the Shortest Route Leads Nowhere

Yesterday was off to a regular start, with a few errands in the morning, several emails, and a couple of phone calls. All well and good. Except for the last phone call from a group leader on one of our faculty-led programs. Although her program is based in London she was calling from Paris, completely […]

Only Foreigners in Barcelona?

Recently I attended a presentation on intercultural adjustment for US study abroad students in Barcelona. Although the professional presenters had plenty to say of interest, I was most fascinated by student comments especially as I have spent my career working with college students abroad.  Now that I’m organising programs in Barcelona I’m particularly interested in […]