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Walking Tour of Cambridge

by Emily Nunes There was definitely a chilly autumnal bite in the air as we got off the train in Cambridge. Luckily the sky was blue and sun shining, making it a beautiful day for sight seeing. There is a strange historical essence to Cambridge that you find in very few places in the US. […]

Putting the Horse in Front of the Cart – Marketing Plans

Although I am all about social media/social networking these days, I think I should start at the beginning.  There are far too many methods of communications these days and you don’t want to spread yourself too thin across various media.  You’ll weaken your message and waste your time.  Although I’m going to explain in this […]

Empowering Study Abroad

With the election looming, studying abroad and foreign relations has become more high profile. Overseeing Americans abroad and watching them grow over the course of only a few months shows how important traveling outside of one’s country can be.  Some individuals feel that they can learn about another country from books alone.  History, linguistic grammar […]

Was Dorothy Interculturally Incompetent?

Just saw the musical Wicked in London a few days ago.  Not my favourite musical, perhaps because of throwaway lines such as “let’s make the last moments…last”.  However it did make me think about Dorothy and her role in Oz.  Not the land of Fosters beer but that magical place Dorothy (Judy Garland) visited in the 30s.  […]